Carted’s Elevator Pitch

Something’s rotten in the state of commerce

Traditionally, most commerce tools are built to solve problems for merchants. Among other things, they make it easier for merchants to reach new audiences, improve back office logistics, or to prepare product photography.

We started by standardising the world’s products

In the same way that Google indexes the world’s web pages, Carted is building a product graph that is an index of all products for sale on the internet. It includes the basic information you’d expect like titles, descriptions, and images as well as details necessary for categorisation and filtering.

Next, we tackled linking out and attribution

Commerce experiences powered by Carted go beyond simply displaying products to shoppers. Today, affiliate marketing networks use merchant-provided product feeds to enable their publishers to display product links on news articles, blogs, and other digital experiences.

Lastly, we’re solving multi-merchant checkout

Shoppers are excited by purchasing products they love from brands that inspire, as they discover them. They shop for the products, not for the joy of entering the CVV number on their credit card and completing checkout. To truly transform commerce for shoppers, shopping needs to become product-first — when and wherever that may be.

Imagining the possibilities

Access to every product from around the world, with native checkout right there in your app — all without ever needing to hold an item of stock or speak directly with a merchant. Sound enticing? We thought so!



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