Running an Offsite, Carted-Style

All together now

Our remote team makeup has many advantages. We’re not restricted by geography when looking for top talent in a specific business niche. There’s more flexibility for team members in balancing their work and personal life. Our favorite company perk is Carted’s ‘work from anywhere’ policy, where Carters can travel to, and work from, any location that other employees are based. Australia, United States, England, India, Germany, and on- the possibilities are endless as our team grows.

Offsite Down Under

I had initially dreamed of getting the Carted team together for Christmas, (somewhat) joking that I wanted the offsite to take place in a European ski lodge, next to a fire, with us all wearing matching onesie pajamas.

Day 1: Welcome to Carted House

“This is the true story of seven strangers picked to live in a house, work together, and have their lives taped — to find out what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real.”

-MTV’s Real World

The above tagline from MTV’s Real World series is tongue-in-cheek but illustrates how we all felt descending upon Carted House for the first time. We certainly weren’t reality-tv contestants. However, we were a group of fifteen unique individuals, from all cultures and backgrounds, that had never before spent time together as one group.

Welcome to Australia!
Tim Tams, Vegemite Shapes, ANZAC cookies - what more could you ask for?

Day 2: Thinking outside the box

Want to really get to know your coworkers? Do a scavenger hunt together! Our ‘Welcome to Sydney’ scavenger hunt was planned by local Carter, Michael (with help from his partner, Roldan). Breaking into teams of three, we were tasked with completing a list of riddles and challenges that had us (literally) running all over the city.

Team activities as part of our scavenger hunt
Defining Carted’s core values
Team dinner

Day 3: Planning and painting

Fully caffeinated from oat milk lattes (the unofficial drink of Carted), we were ready to dive into the third day of offsite.

Morning engineering demo session
Our inner Picassos released during paint n’ sip night

Day 4: Communication is key

Day four of our offsite was a fun one.

Learning how to effectively give and receive feedback

Day 5: Sharing perspective

We began the final day of our offsite with a call from another Aussie-based Entrepreneur, Sascha-Manuel Reuter. Sascha discussed his founder story and how he built and sold his company Doctape to Atlassian. He and the rest of his team actually relocated from Germany to Sydney. Sascha talked about how great of a move this was for him.

Lunch at Manly

Better together

We learned a lot about ourselves and each other during our offsite. The biggest realisation I had was that despite our obvious differences, we complemented each other extraordinarily well.

Weekend outings in the Blue Mountains and Bondi Beach
The dream team of Carters (minus a couple)



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