From Chaos to Clarity: A Notion Template for Building Your Business

A Notion template for a company wiki

Notion vs Google Drive

The use case for Notion versus Google Drive is a hot topic. At Carted, we have put some key guidelines in place so the team can choose the right tool for the right situation.

Ways of Working

In addition to how we use Google Drive versus Notion, our ways of working include recurring meetings, meeting-free days, and Slack communications.


This is an overview of the company. It should cover your mission, vision, values, team directory, press articles, history of the business, any office information and the company’s social handles so the team can keep up with what is happening.


The individual team pages provide a snapshot of key information related to that particular function of the business. It aggregates links from different tools that would otherwise sit in silos.

Keeping your wiki up to date

It should be everyone’s responsibility to update the company wiki, otherwise information isn’t fresh. It’s crucial to have an undisputed source of truth for both new and existing team members. Even more so if your team works in an asynchronous environment like we do.



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